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Commercial Mattress Cleaning

Commercial Mattress Cleaning – Austin, TX

Clean Sweep Austin is pleased to provide professional commercial mattress cleaning services to businesses throughout the Austin, TX, area. Cleaning and sanitizing your facility’s mattresses saves money by prolonging the use of your furnishings and demonstrates your level of commitment to the health and comfort of your customers.
Clean Sleep works closely with our clients to coordinate a service program based on their individual needs. The following industries appreciate the value of Clean Sleep Certification:
  • Hotels
  • Assisted living communities
  • Health care facilities
  • Student housing
  • Nursing homes
  • Many others!
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Commercial Service Process

We bring our revolutionary mobile Clean Sleep Machine to you! Clean Sleep works closely with you to coordinate a service program based on your individual needs. A single Clean Sleep Machine can service more than 30 mattresses in a single eight-hour day. We will develop a custom cleaning strategy for you; you might decide to execute large-volume cleaning services in a short period of time or to cycle mattress cleaning over a period of months. No matter the size or scope of your project, contact us to see how we can help your facility keep and maintain clean mattresses and furnishings with minimal disruption.

Differentiate Yourself With Clean Sleep Certification

Service industries rely heavily on tangibles. Guests often judge the quality of their experience based on the characteristics of the physical environment and tangible amenities. Each time they experience a service, guests evaluate the hospitality organization.

Professional mattress cleaners are an important part of providing exceptional products and services to customers. Ask yourself: How will guests evaluate your mattresses? With Clean Sleep Certification, you can be certain their answer will always be positive.

Commercial Cleaning Service Austin, TXAsk yourself:  How will guests evaluate your mattresses?

Service Augmentation

Clean Sleep certification provides the opportunity for hospitality companies to differentiate their services by incorporating a non-core, genuine ancillary service that is valued by their guests. The benefits are many and include improving guest comfort, increasing confidence in the quality of services provided, and attracting sales and positive press. As professional mattress cleaners, we believe strongly in the values we provide.


Clean Sleep, The Value Driver

  • Quality  A facility that offers Clean Sleep service openly communicates to its customers their level of detail when it comes to quality of their brand’s core values.
  • Brand Value – Clean Sleep certification for your facility provides opportunities to increase your brand value through successful marketing of Clean Sleep by "your brand."
  • Customer Retention Strategy – Cleanliness and service are paramount to successful operation of the facilities we service. Customers pay attention to the negative publicity concerning a cleanliness. Clean Sleep is an obvious retention strategy for current and future customers who seek accommodations at, or above, their standards.
  • Innovation – Clean Sleep technology is an innovation for the cleaning, care, and overall maintenance of mattresses. It is something new and exciting that offers a unique value proposition.
  • Environmental and community concerns also affect a company’s value. For example, two restaurants offering identical products and services may perform differently in different neighborhoods.

Whatever the size or scope of the project, contact our mattress cleaning company in Austin, TX, to see how we can help your facility become Clean Sleep Certified.

Call Us at  512-954-7188 to schedule a no obligation walk-through of your facility!
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