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Top Mattress Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

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You spend nearly a third of your life in bed. Maybe it's time to give the mattress you spend time in deep cleaning. But if you're wondering how to clean a mattress, you might consider some old home remedies, or even rely on store-bought cleaning products.

Cleaning a mattress is more difficult than you might think. To get your mattress clean, you must know how to deep clean a mattress and avoid damaging one of the most valuable pieces of furniture that you own.

Here are some top mattress cleaning mistakes that you should avoid protecting yourself and the mattress.

Don't Get It Wet

Most people think they know how to remove stains from a mattress. It works just like stains anywhere else, right? Just use some soap and a damp cloth, or even pour water over the stain to get started. This isn't what you should do at all. Moisture can damage mattress upholstery and can even invite mold and mildew growth if the moisture doesn't dry well. This can eventually make you sick.

For this reason, you shouldn't attempt to steam clean your mattress. While steam cleaning is good for short upholstery like a carpet or a rug, the moisture won't evaporate out of a thick mattress.

Don't Use a Beater

It's a well-known fact that dirt, dust, dust mites, and other pollutants are lining the outside of your mattress or even residing deep within it. And while people think that using beater is the best solution for removing pollutants, a beater is terrible for your mattress. Beating and sunning are not recommended, as it can release allergens and make you sick.

If you're wondering how to disinfect a mattress, you should rely on a professional mattress cleaning company. They have the technology and safe, moisture-free cleaning products that can remove pollutants from deep within your mattress.


Don't Use a Vacuum

Some people attempt to use a floor vacuum on their mattresses. Not only is this a silly idea, but it's also an ineffective one. All this will do is remove the surface dirt and dust from your mattress, not any of the pollutants that get embedded deep inside. It also won't effectively remove the dust mites in your mattress. Sure, vacuuming will get rid of surface particles, but if you sleep on a fitted sheet, then you probably won't have much dust sitting on the surface of the mattress itself.

Don't Throw It Out

Finally, don't just give up and get rid of your mattress. Mattress stores and furniture outlets want you to give up on your mattress. They use scare tactics like numbering the average amount of dust mites in a mattress or telling you that you can't possibly get it clean. But you can clean your mattress. But you don't have to shop for cleaning products or search online to find out how to clean a mattress. Just contact Can't Sleep Austin for a professional, affordable, and thorough mattress cleaning solution. They can even clean the box spring under your mattress in case it has developed stains or pollutants.

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