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Tips for Deep Cleaning this Spring!

For many cultures and countries across the world, ‘Spring Cleaning’ is an age-old custom that is still adhered to today. Traditionally, spring cleaning was based around the concept of ‘shaking up the house’ and getting rid of all the old dirt, ready for the start of a new season. Today, it’s simply an annual tradition of deep cleaning one’s home.

While the term ‘spring cleaning’ refers to deep cleaning your whole home, if there’s one area that you should pay extra attention to, it’s your bedroom. As you spend a lot of time in this room, it’s a space that you want to ensure is sparkling clean, which is where our tips for deep cleaning come in.

For everything that you need to know about deep cleaning your bedroom (including your mattress), read on!

‘Boil’ wash your bedding

You probably wash your bedding once a week anyway - or if you don’t, you should - but that doesn't mean a deep clean isn’t needed every once in a while. Strip your bedding, including your mattress protector and comfort and clean them at the hottest temperature possible - always check the label first - and use antibacterial detergent to remove any germs.

Tend to your pillows

Did you know that most pillows can be machine washed? Even feather ones. Obviously always check the label first but in most cases pillows can be machine washed. Place one pillow in the machine at a time, add a drop of disinfectant detergent and fabric softener and place on a gentle or ‘hand wash’ setting. You can either tumble dry your pillows gently with two tennis balls to help ‘fluff them up’ or you can air dry on your washing line.

Get your mattress professionally cleaned

As part of your deep cleaning this spring, you should also have your mattress cleaned professionally. This will help to remove dust mites, remove dead skin cells, and will remove any stains, giving your mattress a fresh look and feel. Clean Sleep Austin is able to offer a five-step cleaning service that deep cleans your mattress - they can come to your home, making the process as simple as possible. Plus, they also do pillows too.

Conquer your wardrobe

Wardrobes are ideal places for dust and dirt, so once a year it pays to deep clean them. Remove everything from your wardrobe, vacuum every nook and cranny, and follow by using antibacterial spray or wipes to clean every shelf and crevice. Before putting everything back in your wardrobe, take the time to have a clear out of any junk and do some reorganizing.

Focus on the floors

Whether you have carpet or hard floors, every once in a while it can be worthwhile deep cleaning them. For carpets, having them professionally cleaned or going DIY with a steam cleaner can work well. For hard floors, again a steam cleaner can give you fantastic results.

If you’re planning on deep cleaning your home this spring, don’t forget to focus on your bedroom as part of the cleaning process.

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