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Steam Cleaning a Mattress

Oh, no. You were just innocently drinking a glass of red wine (or maybe a hot chocolate) in bed, and you've managed to spill some!

Or maybe you've just noticed how dirty your mattress has become over time. You need to clean it up quick, but you have no idea how, so the first thing you do, naturally, is turn to the internet. Google will have all the answers. You will immediately see a huge range of articles telling you how you can clean your mattress, some with vastly different advice and some offering the same tips.

One thing you will notice almost right away is the suggestion to steam clean your mattress. This sounds like a great way to refresh your whole mattress. Plus, using the steam cleaner is always a bit more fun than other cleaning tasks. But is it really the best way to clean a mattress?

Can I Steam Clean a Mattress?

Steam cleaning is a popular suggestion for taking care of a mattress, particularly if you're looking for a deeper clean. It seems to make sense at first - steam is good for cleaning things, and the steam can get into the deeper layers of your mattress rather than just cleaning the surface.

But even though it sounds like a good idea, steam cleaning your mattress could actually be a big mistake.

When people recommend steam cleaning a mattress, they're not thinking about the long-term effects that it might cause. Fortunately, there is a better way.

The Problem with Mattress Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning your mattress might seem logical when you first come across the idea. However, there is a big problem with using a steam cleaner to tackle stains and general dirt in your mattress.

When you use a steam cleaner to tackle your mattress, you're introducing a lot of moisture to it. This causes the inside of the mattress to get wet and makes it almost impossible to get it dry again.

Would you pour water all over your mattress? You might as well if you plan to steam clean it. The trapped moisture can lead to mold growth inside your bed, turning it into an unhealthy place to lay your head! If that sounds gross, steam cleaning your mattress is something you want to avoid. If that sounds fine to you, we don't really know what to say to that. It might be time to reassess your standards of cleanliness.

How to steam clean a mattress? Don't!

The Correct Way to Clean Your Mattress

So if you can't steam clean your mattress, how should you clean it? Clean Sleep Austin uses technology that cleans and sanitizes your mattress and, crucially, dries it too! Our fast, non-toxic cleaning methods will take care of all your mattress cleaning needs, from removing stains to sanitizing and deodorizing. We use five proven technologies to deliver our eco-friendly services and create clean mattresses across the city.

Click the button below to schedule your first appointment! Let us clean up your mattress using the only method that gives it a deep clean, without the dangers of moisture leading to mold.


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