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Spring Cleaning Should Include Your Mattress!

Mattress Cleaning: An Important Part of Spring Cleaning!

Did you know that spring cleaning is traditional in many cultures? That’s right, all across the world right now people are getting ready to tackle the things they put off all winter. Spring cleaning can mean a fresh start, both for you and your house! However, there may be something in your house that has always been ignored, even at this special time of year...and that’s your mattress.

Do know why it is important to deep clean your mattress every once in awhile? As this video explains, not only can you actually deep clean and sanitize your mattress, there are real health benefits to doing so.

First, dust mites love mattresses. In fact, the average mattress has about 2 million dust mites living in it, with a female producing up to 1,000 waste particles, the things that people are actually allergic to, in her life span. Vacuuming does help, but just imagine what a deep clean and sanitization could do for your health.

Second, humans shed a lot of dead skin. Just imagine what else is being shed if pets sometimes sleep on the bed!

Third, all sorts of things gets spilled on our mattresses. Basically, they are like a great big sponge, but one that we sleep on every night!

Don't Toss, Deep Clean!

Maybe by this time you are wanting to just toss your mattress, or at least haul it outside and somehow figure out how to hose it off as part of your spring cleaning ritual. However, don’t despair! Clean Sleep Austin comes to your house and deep cleans and sanitizes your mattress for you. We even do pillows! Our truck has a revolutionary 5 step process to deep clean without using harsh chemicals! In fact, it’s even organic. Clean Sleep Austin, as seen on the show  Shark Tank, is a great way to really get rid of allergens and bacteria that we sleep on every night.> Watch our video here and make a call to Clean Sleep Austin part of your yearly Spring Cleaning ritual. 

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