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Mattress Cleaning Myths Busted

According to Gallup’s most recent poll, the average American gets about 6.8 hours of sleep. That’s nearly a third of your life spent in your bed, and during that time, you’re exposed to all the germs and debris that have built up in your mattress. Most people do wash their sheets somewhat regularly, but somehow, many people neglect their mattresses altogether or put in the minimum amount of effort rather than looking into how to deep clean a mattress.

Cleaning Frequency

Many people believe that you don’t have to clean a new mattress. Unfortunately, it’s still been exposed to a variety of chemicals and allergens in the manufacturing process, so it’s best to have it cleaned before you sleep on it. Other people think that you don’t need to clean a mattress as long as it looks clean, or that you only have to clean it occasionally. However, looks can be deceiving, and while you might not get a lot of visible substances building up on it, your mattress can still contain microorganisms that are hiding there without your knowledge.

Exceptions to Cleaning

Since many mattresses these days come with a coating to protect against dust mites, many people don’t bother learning how to disinfect a mattress. They have an illusion of security that isn’t always true. Actually, these covers can wear off over time, making your mattress as susceptible to dust mites as any other mattress.

How to Clean

If you need to know how to remove stains from a mattress, it might help you to learn that shampoo and water aren’t as effective as some people claim. However, shampoos can be too harsh for your mattress, and this process can leave your mattress soggy, which can also be damaging. Instead, you should use a damp cloth with a mild soap and dry it immediately afterward. If you need to know how to deep clean a mattress, you’re usually better off getting a professional to care for your mattress than trying to do it yourself.


Just because your mattress is brand new or looks clean, that doesn't mean it doesn't need a good cleaning. A healthy mattress means a healthy you. If you want to get quality sleep on a mattress that won't expose you unnecessarily to germs, consult with Clean Sleep Austin in Austin, TX today so that they can get you back on track.

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