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Getting Stains Out of a Mattress

We all want to sleep on a bed that’s as clean as possible. No one wants to see stains or smell odors as they crawl into bed. The washing machine may be the first resource to clean bedding, but what about when it’s the mattress that needs attention?

Accidents happen. The most common accident is urine.

Spills happen. For those of us that take a morning cup of coffee to bed, or perhaps snuggle in with a glass of wine with a book at night, or perhaps bottle feed our infants…we often end up with spills that run through our bedding, straight down to the mattress.

Life happens. The remnants of life can easily turn into mattress stains.

Getting Stains Out of a Mattress

So, how does a person go about getting stains out of a mattress?

Let’s touch base on a few “home-made” methods for removing stains from mattresses:

  • Diluted dish soap can cut through greasy stains, and will help to break down imbedded body oils, as well as remove some odor.
  • A diluted equal-part mixture of white vinegar and baking soda will help remove some stains, as well as odor. Be prepared for bubbly action when these ingredients are mixed!
  • Hydrogen peroxide applied to urine or blood stains will help break down the proteins that tend to bind these types of stains to a mattress.
  • Store-bought stain removers for fabrics can also help with stains, and may temporarily neutralize odor.

These are all great remedies for stain removal for color-safe fabrics (always test in small hidden areas before using these methods on a full length of fabric), and these remedies may also help a mattress to look and smell somewhat better, but there are several issues that arise from cleaning a mattress using these processes.

Homemade Remedies Create More Problems

Most liquids go deep, beyond the outermost layer or fabric mattress cover. This means that the inner layers do not dry immediately, and mold and bacteria proliferate in this damp environment.

The shear attempt of trying to get stains out of a mattress leads to more staining. Mattresses are often dirty, even when they do not look so. Mattresses harbor dust, skin scales, and dust mites. Apply liquid to any mattress that isn’t brand-spanking new, and you will likely be left with the tell-tale ring around a “clean spot.” A spot that technically isn’t as clean as you might want it to be.

A Better Way to Clean Your Mattress

This is where Clean Sleep Austin comes in. We have created a patent-pending process that cleans, deodorizes, and sanitizes mattress surfaces. We use modern technologies, such as, UV light, dry steam, vacuum, IR heat, ozone generation, and anti-microbial treatment. This means, we don’t just treat the spot. We clean and sanitize the mattress. Not only does it look clean, and smell clean, you can rest assured that it is absolutely certifiably sanitary.

Interested? Learn more about Clean Sleep Technology here or go here to book your first mattress cleaning!

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