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A Quick Guide on Cleaning a Foam Mattress

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Foam mattresses, especially memory foam and cooling foam models, are increasingly popular today. However, with the growing popularity of these alternative mattresses, some important information hasn't quite become widespread yet: how to clean your foam mattress. Cleaning a foam mattress is very different from cleaning an ordinary spring mattress, its predecessor. But it's still important to keep your mattress clean, just as you would clean the rest of your home. After all, you spend a significant portion of your life in bed. Here's how to keep your most important piece of furniture nice and clean so you can get better rest and enjoy the comfort of cleanliness.

Why You Should Clean Your Mattress

Cleaning your mattress can help you breathe better at night. Mattresses can trap allergens, so it's important for those with asthma or allergy problems to sleep on a clean mattress. Cleanings can also give you the opportunity to search for stains, as well as bedbugs or other issues that may be affecting your mattress.


The first step is to vacuum your foam mattress. This is one of the best ways to remove dirt, dead skin cells, and other allergens before they settle deeper into the foam. If you hired a mattress cleaning service, this would likely be their first step.

Strip all bedding and pillows from your mattress. Use a handheld vacuum with a good upholstery attachment, and slowly, carefully vacuum the surface. Pay special attention to the edges and corners, which may trap allergens. If you have a mattress cover on, vacuum the cover first, then remove it and vacuum the actual foam mattress itself.

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Stain Removal

Spills, bodily fluids, dirt, and other stains can soak into foam. Some of these messes can cause mattress odor. Thankfully, it's not too difficult to remove these stains. Use a natural enzyme cleaner, and spray a light amount over the stains. Scrub it gently with a dry cloth. Let dry, then repeat until the stain is removed. You can also use dishwashing liquid, but be careful not to add too much water.

Avoid using bleach and other harsh cleaners. They can damage the mattress. Some people like to use vinegar as a household stain remover, but the vinegar odor can linger and bother you when you're trying to sleep. However, another household solution-baking soda-is a good stain and odor remover that's also unscented. If you want good recommendations, ask local mattress cleaning services what kinds of cleaners they prefer to use.

Drying the Mattress

It's important to get your mattress completely dry before dressing it or sleeping on it again. A wet mattress can attract mold. But take care not to use excess heat, or you'll damage the foam.

You can place the mattress bare in a sunny area of your home after cleaning. Clean it early in the morning so that a full day of sunshine can get it dry. You can also use a blow dryer to dry areas that you spot treated, but take care to use a warm, not hot, setting.

More Assistance

If this sounds like too much complicated work, or if you need to know more about how to keep your mattress clean-and how often to clean it-call Clean Sleep Austin today. We offer professional, high-quality mattress cleaning in Austin, TX.

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